Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hi Everyone!

I wanted to let you know about another site I've been working with.  It's called GreenEarthCity. is about ultimately creating a net-zero energy use city that DOESN'T revolve around the car.  

GreenEarthCity seeks people who are interested in creating a different paradigm centered around quality of life, peace, and harmony with the Earth.  Living with the Earth and not apart from it.  One thing we've all noticed is that in our hustle and bustle of life we often forget that we live on an Island. This Island is the only home we have. There is no alternative Earth or place to go that will support us.  For those of us that have children, we realize that to have a viable future for them we will have to change our behavior.  Perhaps the greatest challenge we face today is going from a traditional consumer based economy to something that doesn't presume that the Earth's resources are limitless.

GreenEarthCity is about dialogue.  How do we move towards an economic system that considers quality of life and not quantity.  It's pretty obvious that money has become like a GOD to most people.  How do we transition to a system that values economic and social justice from one that considers people a commodity?

In these time of Global Environmental turmoil we'll have to work fast and create positive change now.   I call upon each and every person to look deep within to make those personal changes that will in turn create true sustainability.

True sustainability? What is that?  In my mind it looks like creating products that don't pollute, organic farming, localism or being a locavore, understanding ecosystems, eliminating pesticides and herbicides, creating biodiversity, transitioning from fossil fuels, redefining what wealth is, and many other inclusive ideas.

As we move towards a this different paradigm it will be important to keep sight of the details AND the big picture.  Think globally and act locally, an old saying as relevant as ever.  


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