Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This Economy is hurting

Our economy is in a tank but is it such a bad deal?  Yes and no I would argue.   Yes because people are being forced to work for less, losing their homes and generally making do with less.  No because if we use our heads we can rise above this with change.  We can learn to work together and become self sufficient.  We can promote true democracy for the masses.

First, recognizing that we live in a world of finite natural resources that are currently being used at an unsustainable rate. Second, we realize that local economies are a solution and that includes farmers markets, small businesses, and home enterprises.  Third, we distribute wealth fairly in a way that promotes economic justice.

Finally, recognizing that a gov't of the people and for the people starts with fair representation.   In order to have that we'll have to get rid of corporate personhood, and electoral college.

It can happen but it will start with you.

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