Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Plastic a blight upon the Earth

By now many of you have heard of the Great Garbage Gyre(GGG)  is a huge are of garbage twice the area of Texas floating in the Pacific.  This floating garbage island is a eyesore and  ecological catastrophe.  Marine life is being negatively affected.   The plastic as it breaks down to its' smallest molecule is still plastic meaning that it biologically incompatible with life on a positive level.  There are arguments raging through the scientific community on how how the plastics molecule imitates reproductive hormones giving reason to believe that plastic could be responsible for the rapid rise in testicular and breast cancers.  Plastic is also associated with sexual mutations in animals.  It is well document that marine life are  killed by various  forms of garbage and plastic being one of the largest contributers.  Remember the Nalgene water bottle scare?  Heated water bottles made with rated 3 plastic released the toxic bdp a known carcinogen.

As taken from the Tree Hugger:
 Many Nalgene water bottles and other hard plastic sport water bottles are made of polycarbonate (#7 on the bottom) , which may leach Bisphenol A, an estrogen-like chemical. Canada is considering a ban of products containing Bisphenol A (BPA) and a new American study links it to breast cancer and early puberty, and is particularly concerned about the effect on babies. Others have raised concerns about the effect of feminizing hormones on men, such as breast enlargement or dropping semen counts. At the same time, sport water bottles are ubiquitous and we don't want people going back to buying bottled water. What should you do? Time to nix the Nalgene? We looked at our past posts and the latest reports, and suggest the following.

We know that we to make change now! What can we do? 

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Tea Party....

The Tea Party: Feeding on peoples fears it's a another front for the sagging GOP. Using Sarah Palin as a keynote speaker? Hahahah! The idea that a smaller government and paying less taxes sounds great! Look behind the hocus pocus and see the reality. It's not about less taxes neccesarily but how taxes are raised and where they are used. Why is it that huge transnational corporations get to scoot virtually tax free on so many levels while you and me pay proportionally more? Why should so much of our money go to stupid projects..like biowarfare labs and overseas military bases in countries that don't want them?

Why is it that people fail to look back on history and see that international wars are almost solely based on resources and that the use of idealism is almost always a front to motivate the masses. Example: The war on terrorism: Oil extraction from middle east countries.

The Tea party is simply another way for the GOP to create a 'grassroots' movement that in the end will mean more poverty and more corporate hegemony. Downsizing the Government would be great but attacking the wrong programs like roads, schools, health care, the environment, and social programs while boosting defense budgets for 'security' and promoting greater states rights would make us a poorer country all around. Why do we need to kill others. To this day 911 is the fearsome catch phrase that is bandied around to create the hype needed to make people tow the line. Right now the propaganda machine to disprove the 911 'Truthers' as one program put it has still failed to quell critical questions such as why building seven collapsed in the evening and yet before and since no steel girder constructed buildings haved ever collapsed from fires.

I'm sure Facebook being what it is and how it is used will disapprove of this blog..