Saturday, May 3, 2014

The New Economy

Hi There Folks!

It's bound to happen sooner or later.   Sooner or later we'll be going through the way we view money, transact with it and manage our lives around it.   It may happen in ten years or may happen in 50 but IT will happen.  The Bit-coin is a manifestation of the need for economic democracy...something that is NOT currently present in the U.S.  We are an oligarchy.  Wether the Bit-coin will hold up or not may not be the relevant point.  What is the point is that the huge disparity of wealth between those who have and those who don't is working its way to the tipping point of radical change.   The new economics will reflect the limits of growth and must reflect democracy in the workplace and with material accumulation.   What does our new economy looks like?  Is it a combination of barter, time swapping, and other elements?    We'll be exploring this issue some more.


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