Monday, April 19, 2010

Why nuclear energy is a mistake..

It seems that President Obama is supporting nuclear power as a partial solution to our use of gas.  Nuclear power is a mistake for a number of reasons I will list.

There is current no real long term waste storage solution. Even the Yucca Mountain site is deemed unsuitable for long term storage.  Nuclear waste can stay radioactive for many thousands of years contaminating anything around it and until that single issue is dealt with we put all life at risk. 

Risk of contamination from accidents involving transport of fissionable materials.  Anytime radioactive materials are moved they become a target for possible terrorism.
Risk of contamination from truck accidents. I once was passed by a trucker carrying high level radioactive waste at ninety miles an hour in Tennessee!
The plants themselves are at risk from natural disasters, terrorists, and breakdowns.  Many of us still recall Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.

Workers at risk from radiation and contamination from the workplace.

Radioactive contamination can be lethal to all most living beings.  You get it and it gets you if not soon then later. 

Why work with something we know is inherently dangerous when we DO have many other options?  Simple-the nuclear industry has spent billions on the technology and like the biotech industry uses lies and deceitful manipulation to convince the public of the safety of it's product.  We've been lucky so far but why push our luck?  I used to live by a now defunct nuclear power plant that sits on a major fault.  The Humboldt Bay power plant is still supposedly storing waste there because there is nowhere else for it to go..

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