Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Evolve or die !

We live in a rapidly changing environment both socially and ecologically. Sometimes when I think of the human race I think of a virus. It's a viable analogy! Why? We are infecting the earth in much the same manner as the common cold or maybe the HIV virus. We breed exponentially and change the systems upon which we live off of. In some ways, global warming is akin to a person having a fever created by the infection of the virus. Mother Earth is infected and feverish from our invasion. Is it too much to imagine that like all good viral infections the end results can be either death for the host or a recovery and general immunity. Evolution suggests that a species either adapts from viral attacks or perishes. It's theorized that viruses can ultimately incorporate themselves into the hosts DNA and become part of the system. Our invasion of the Earth sounds fairly similar to a standard viral infection. In terms of geologic time we are a blip and a blip with an impact. Will we become extinct as we deplete our Earth's resources and stress it's ecological systems or will we learn to coexist on a new and powerful level that allows us to grow yet not at the expense of the the other amazing species that share this planet with us? Time will tell us the end. I would like to think that the Earth will abide regardless of what we do. Maybe twenty million years from now some creature will dig up remnants of us and wonder at who we were and what we did and how we became extinct or maybe we'll have destroyed the planet completely and we'll be left to a lonely grave until the sun turns red and goes nova or simply stops shining.

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