Friday, November 9, 2007

Change is coming

So here it is all in a nutshell. Change is coming to a block near you. Like Pinchbeck author of 2012 The Return of Quezalcoatl reminds us: We are about to enter a new age of wisdom and enlightenment or at least the offering of it. We we're in the age of Information. And now we are entering the age of Biology of respect for Mother Earth and the system we live in. The age of Biology is showing it self in the form of major Biological Crisis with species loss and rapid evolution of bacteria and virus to our own growth and invasion. Perhaps we are in the process of creating a 'weed like' planet where the only things living are those that can adapt to us. As for the rest of animal and plant life: gone. Large forms of animals like dolphins,tigers, whales, monkeys, gorillas, etc are in serious trouble right now due to

This scenario is playing it self out in one scenario after another. But like all things what comes up must come down. Human population has pretty much reached it's carrying capacity and must come down at some point. Even if you don't believe that we have reached the limits of human population growth that limit still exists somewhere and population dynamics shows that all species grow and shrink in populations much like a roller coaster. We've been on the upgrowth as most people are aware(some actually are not it seems) and have put severe strains upon this planet. We have only one planet and there is no promise that we can sustain life like we know it. Think what you want but some kinda of change must occur. We can of course be proactive and create our future and our childrens. A crisis like we're in will evolve us or we'll be thrown back into the petri dish of creation. It's up to us now right?

At this point in time it seems like even physics has finally come to the understanding that we are all connected: Unified Physics; a unification of
not only the four forces of nature,but also evolution and the occurrence of consciousness. Don't take my word for it check out:

We ARE all INFINITE beings and we are all connected. Yes change is coming but we can point that change in the right direction. It will take all of us on many levels to do this. I encourage you to learn compassion and promote positive growth within yourself and others.

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